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A seamless solution to creating a better customer expierence 

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Our kiosks create another avenue for our partners to distribute pre-made beverages. Our beverage machines will decrease the waiting time for those purchasing both pre-made and mixed drinks, thus leading to improved customer service and higher liquor sales. Additionally, partners will also receive free advertising on our social media platforms.

We partner with venues and provide a free beverage kiosk to our partners. Our partners are not responsible for the delivery or maintenance of the kiosk, and leverage their existing liquor license to stock the machine with the inventory of their choice. As a partner, Pod Plug takes a small surcharge of each transaction and pays for all transaction fees. Partners retain 100% of all liquor sales.


How it Works

  • Pod Plug delivers the kiosk at no cost to the venue. 

  • Our partner supplies the kiosk with its choice of beverages and receives 100% of all sales revenue.

  • Our partner receives free promotion on our social media platforms.

  • Pod Plug takes a small surcharge on each transaction and pays all transaction fees.

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